Friday, 1 October 2010

Looping and Goings On

Hi guys.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up on things that are happening my end. With university back on the cards I am now a happy but very busy bee and trying to incorporate a variety of things that are going on. In regards to my album release I may again have to change my mind.

I've just got brand new copies of Logic Studio and Ableton and have a university project of writing an album . . . sounds good yes but there's a catch! (as always). Basically I have to challenge myself to approach something new so I've been thinking about combining Ableton, Logic and looping to start performing live and to then take into the studio. However, there are big learning curves ahead for me this year which I'm looking forward to but lots of hard work involved.

Tomorrow I am going to look for a looping pedal and have been recommended the Boss RC-50. I've been playing around with some ideas with regards to looping and really looking forward to getting a pedal. Also been searching for an Audio Interface so I can plug, play and record . . . any recommendations would be brilliant.

Also this Friday at Carpe Diem in Leeds will be the first Sawsound gig since May (officially). It would be really great to see everyone there if they can make it - some brilliant bands supporting us. There's all the information on the website -

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