I am a big fan of art though personally I'm not very good at drawing. However, my grandad has been drawing since I can remember and my brother use to draw a lot when we were little. I have often wanted to work with artists in relation to an orchestral score - projections and music telling a story together. Although this has not happened yet I'm confident that in the future I might find the right person to pull this off with.

After talking with a good friend of mine and a few different artists on twitter I have come to realise that there has to also be a similar platform for artists to be able to do what musicians are doing digitally. The problem being that artists generally create a physical piece that can be quite difficult to relate via the internet  - there is definitely food for thought.

So I guess the question is how to overcome this? Although I personally don't have the answer there are a few friends of mine who have some ideas.

Mike Good

Mike Good is a photographer from Leeds area who I met via Twitter. Mike is currently studying for his degree in photography as well as being a full time life saver (Mike's a paramedic). He has also kindly agreed to help me with my artwork for my up and coming EP, which I know we are both very excited about.

Mike and his work can be found at the following links below:-

Linda Palmer

Linda Palmer studied in England, Sweden and Denmark and is an accomplished artist who makes what she would describe as two different kinds of art. Linda creates physical pieces such as oil paintings, canvases and objects and digital pieces too. Linda is trying to bring these two ideas together by constantly questioning and being curious as to how she can do this.

Linda and her work can be found at the following links below:-