Other Projects

Amongst other things I also play for various different bands and artists in Leeds. I am also collaborating with various different artists that I have met around my local area and the internet. Here are some of them: -

Kurtis Reid

  The Fear (demo) by KurtisReid

Kurtis Reid is a singer songwriter from Blackpool currently studying in Leeds. Kurtis has recently changed his approach to song writing and is beginning to develop his sound into something more jazzy and funky. I have been helping Kurtis in the studio by playing bass on his tracks. I'm also hoping that I can write a song for Kurtis that he can take into the studio and record. 

Dineo Motaung

Also come 2011 I am hoping to team up with the amazing Dineo Motaung to help her write and record her first EP. I'm really looking to helping develop Dineo's approach to song writing; from less of a singer-songwriter perspective into a a more developed sound. Keep watching this space for more news!

Ambient League 

The Ambient League is a group of musicians who create songs in small units (meaning not every AL member is featured on every song). Its main genre is ambient, of course, but there is no limit to that, actually. Everything is possible - from drone music and soundscapes to jams and pop songs.

The W Team 

Released 23 December 2010
"If you have a wedding, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the W Team."

Thomas Mathie - Vocals
Sean Cotterill - Guitar
Adam Greenhead - Keyboards & Drum Programming
Wolfgang Merx - Keyboards

Lyrics by Clement Clarke Moore.
Music by the W Team.
Mixed and produced by Wolfgang Merx. 

Einstein's Dice

Einstein's Dice is a collaboration from the amazing violinist Chrisse Caulfield and myself. These songs were recorded by Chrissie when we met up online and tried some avant garde ideas via Skype. We are hoping to begin recording an EP together at the beginning of 2011.